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Calories in tuna salad

Learning all about all diets is impossible, but learning what you actually need from those diets is not that difficult and is all that someone who wants a good diet actually needs. Reducing weight is not just the matter of esthetics, because simply put, normal weight equals normal and long and healthy life.


Unfortunately, our lives revolve around food. To some point, it is understandable and logical, since we need food to live and perform all physical and mental functions. Still, it has to be said that there is a lot of exaggeration when it comes to eating, and not only that. It looks ridiculous how much worthless food there is on the market, something with no nutrition value at all, but with low price and sweet taste, and something many simply cannot resist.

Creating a healthy menu can be a best possible diet and it means excluding junk from food, sweets and sweeteners, soda juices, as well as bread, candies, and anything that cannot be in a normal menu. It is not forbidden to eat veggies and fruits as much as possible (again until the stomach is moderately full, not more). Meat is also on the menu, but not all types. Pork should be at minimum, while fish and chicken (turkey too) should be the main meat type. Tuna is greatly welcomed since it contains many healthy nutrients and substances, but you should be careful about calories in tuna salad (for example). Eating healthy does not mean you cannot gain extra weight and eating healthy and moderately is an excellent combination. But, counting calories is important. The mentioned tuna salad has about 380 calories per serving, which is not such a small amount. It is almost a third in a 1200 calories diet.


Of course, diet or eating healthy is not enough for reducing weight, and for overall healthy living exercises are also needed. The combination of these two is what creates the best possible effect. Of course, if a diet with very low calories is included, no intensive exercises are allowed because this might simply lead to exhaustion, which is far from healthy.

Keeping in mind that moderate pathway is the right way, we have to say that many diets today offer very intensive dieting and losing weight rapidly, but it is far from healthy. Because of the short term dieting, organism cannot get used to small amounts of food in meal, and when diet is over, many people gain back the lost weight when normal eating starts.

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