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Pregnancy always offers some unexpected experiences, as well as those magical moments you have been waiting for since you started trying to conceive. Fetal movement? Check! Vomiting? Check! Midnight ice cream cravings? Check? You know you are pregnant when... you and your body are taken through an amazing, sometimes embarrassing, and truly humorous journey. When you are expecting, expect the unexpected!

You know you are pregnant when... are no longer able to tie your own shoe laces. Getting your socks on is a bit of a struggle as well, for that matter. You either have to ask your significant other, a random shop assistant, or older children, to help you, or otherwise spend half an hour just getting one sock and shoe on! are actually really glad you just vomited. Now that the daily dose is out the way, you will hopefully feel better! don't think twice about driving for an hour just to get your favorite pancakes/salad/taco take-away, but you eat it all in under five minutes before driving home (another hour!) again. ...everyone seems to think they can touch your belly whenever they want! Why does politeness and any concept of bodily integrity go out the window when we are carrying a tiny one inside? You know you are pregnant when you are so very happy to find that maternity t-shirt that says "don't touch, or I'll bite!" ...peeing every few minutes has become your new sport. Spending time reading the newspaper on the toilet becomes pretty tempting, because you know you would be there again in no time anyway. are pretty desperate to convince your skeptical husband that sex during pregnancy is safe, because you would be at it all day long if you could! are about to become a mother, perhaps for the second, third (or more) time, yet your pimples leave you looking like a teenager.

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