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Wound dehiscence

Surgical procedure performed in the stomach area can sometimes have complications and one of those complications is wound dehiscence. This is something that happens rarely, but unfortunately it happens. Wound dehiscence is when a surgical wound reopens few days after the procedure. It usually happens about 7 to 10 days after the procedure, and it is a serious complication, which, if not treated properly, can be even life threatening.

Causes of wound dehiscence

One of the reasons for this complication is a hereditary defect called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This syndrome disables the production of collagen that plays important role in wound healing. Scurvy is a condition developed by deficiency of vitamin C, and it can also be the reason for wound dehiscence. That is because vitamin C is essential for proper wound healing.

The reasons for wound dehiscence can also be diabetes, pulmonary diseases, radiotherapy, cardiovascular conditions, alcohol addiction, and some other conditions. Wound dehiscence may occur if surgical seams are not placed in the right manner, if they are not too tight, or if they are too tight. There are also some risk factors for this complication such as corpulency, hypertension, old age, long-term usage of corticosteroid drugs, smoking and injury of the wound. It is important not to put too much pressure on the wound, because that can result in wound reopening. Sometimes this complication may occur even due to intensive coughing or sneezing. When it comes to genders, women are more frequently affected by this complication.

Wound dehiscence treatment

The treatment consists of protecting the wound with a lot of gauze bandage, while antibiotics may be used as well to prevent the infection. Gauze bandage must be changed often and the wound should be uncovered from time to time in order to heal faster. Sometimes, when tissue gets infected, surgery must be performed in order to take out the affected tissue.

You have to be aware that, when this complication happens, proper care is necessary. At first, you will have a doctor to help you with care, and after some time, your loved ones can learn how to change the dressings and to treat the wound. Also, you will have to use antibiotic medicines in order to prevent the infection of the wound. It is very important to talk with your doctor about any issue that you might have. Professionals will always give you a proper advice on how to treat your wound.

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