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Anxiety and Work

Many people find their jobs to be the main, constant source of their anxiety. While at the office, or whatever their job might represent, they feel fear and do not feel comfortable at all, avoiding contact and any possible kind of exposure. Thus, of course, can have a negative influence on these peoples' careers, since workers should be satisfied and motivated in order to achieve more. However, anxiety is the main thing that affects one at work, there are plenty of problems just waiting to happen. This being said, there are many different ways anxiety can affect a person while working. Many of these will be covered and explained through the following lines.

Workplace Anxiety Explained

The main symptoms of this type of anxiety manifest through sudden redness affecting one's face, breathing problems starting, along with sweating, nausea, speaking difficulties, increased heart rate, trembling and many other signs of this type.

Sometimes all these might get combined, making the whole anxiety experience even worse. Either way, people who feel this way can have problems functioning properly while at work, since they might miss important appointments due to their fear of exposing the effects of their anxiety in front of their colleagues. Additionally, they might fear that they could suffer from a panic attack in such conditions, being a reason more for staying out of such events.

The battle with a person's self and the work needs to continue, since many people are reluctant to leave their jobs due to the families they need to support. Then, they remain anxious daily, suffering for the material security.

Speaking of this anxiety, it might be provoked by several different factors. Namely, while at work, one might consider his/her tasks too great of a challenge, feeling that even the slightest mistake may cost them their jobs. Therefore, they do not want the be the subject of other peoples' conversations, let alone jokes or anything similar, nor do they want to speak publicly in front of them, through a presentation of sorts or something else. All this negative anticipation gives birth to the fear which creates this whole situation of workplace anxiety.

What Can You Do?

First of all, do not be afraid to re-examine your working position and your future there. For your own sake, if you are not feeling good at your current work and there are many things you cannot solve even while giving your best, perhaps you should quit and find a different line of work. Beforehand, you should find and list all the causes of your workplace anxiety and concentrate on fighting them off.

This fighting starts with realistic desire to remove this anxiety from your life. You need to know if the basis of your anxiety can be considered normal. Either way, you should be determined to remove this harmful anxiety from your life. Sometimes, changing your lifestyle, living and eating healthier, while doing some sports, may help you feel less tense at work. Finally, you need to accept yourself for who you are and work on boosting your self-esteem since this will protect you from anxiety well.

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