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Irregularitythat breeds unrest

Quitea number of women at one point in their lives experiencecertain hardships with their periods, which tends to bring about quitea havoc in their lives, raising the levels of stress and worries to amaximum. It all begins quite normally and the way it should, but oneday, and all of a sudden, periods just go on and one, without anyhint of coming to a halt any time soon. And of course, many women regard this as quite unorthodox, peculiar and eventerrifying. What the internet is able to tell women on this subjectis that even though a woman is already in her fifties, the closer sheis to the menopause, the more unpredictable periods tend to get. Thismeans that they have the tendency to miss out, become less troubling,or quite the contrary – prolong and turn into something barelyendurable, and all this is, under such circumstances, regarded as aquite “common” occurrence.


Someof the most frequently stated factors that bring about these lessendurable periods are such as the following:

Disruption of hormonal balance (particularly at the beginning/end of woman's reproductive years)Too high levels of estrogen on the one hand, and too low levels of progesterone on the other Uterus infectionsCervix fibroids (i.e. atypical and too great in size growths, tumors inside uterus itself)Blood clotting related complications

Anotherrecommendation and advice often stated in numerousonline helping centers, brochures and certified web pages is that incase a woman's period is still present even after 3 weeks, with theflow being extremely abundant and heavy that it brings about nauseaand dizziness, the woman in question should not hesitate at all andvisit her doctor as soon as possible for the purpose of determiningthe direct cause, as well as for avoiding any undesired psychologicalside effects and needles pressure.

Inaddition, such occurrence is often characterized as a tell tale signof fibroids. As the greatest majority of web-based internet pagesstate, these are not ill-natured and quite a number of women is saidto lead normal lives even with them being present, and quite oftenthey are reported to disappear on their own once the menopause setson.

However,if the bleeding keeps being persistent, then this might be a validcause for concern. In this case, a woman should visit her doctorimmediately, so he/she could run the necessary tests, for there havebeen numerous accounts in which such, at the first glance, not thatserious in nature period related issues led to the discovery of auterine cancer.

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