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Killing with a Smile

Throughout cities and other urban residential areas, nowadays, we have billboards and other means of marketing telling us to buy fast food from many of its sources. This food offered as the best alternative from the whole lot, being cheap, offered in larger quantities, smelling and tasting addictive, to say the least.

Even though many studies have shown that this food contains numerous ingredients which cause us health problems, fast food is still the number one choice of the majority of the population, especially in developed countries. Also, the marketing campaigns of these companies still beg to differ the voices of the doubting few, claiming that their food is nothing but delicious, literally brainwashing people into buying it and making fast food restaurants their dining rooms.

This leads us to the problem. Namely, many people believe that fast food companies lack moral and a feeling of social necessity of letting people know about the true nature of the food they are offering. The truth needs to be told, since the health dangers of consuming fast food excessively may even manifest through terminal illnesses and death.

Truth Be Told

In the US, an ever-growing number of people is obese. A stunning 60% of the population has serious weight problems, which may easily lead to diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and various other health conditions. Also, 42 billion of people are diabetics, the numbers constantly rising from year to year.

Thus, saying it in the nicest possible way, fast food is making the lives of people who consume it shorter. Every day, leading fast food companies sell about 46 million meals. Moreover, these meals are supersized, doubled or increased in most of the cases, being cheaper that way. This makes many people eat more even when they do not need to, gaining “a good value for their money”.

A terrifying fact about fast food is that, in most cases, we have no access to the actual ingredient lists. Thus, we have no idea what kind of chemical makes this food so tasty and attractive. People deserve to know what they are buying and therefore consuming and the fast food companies should be obligated to give them that information.

There have been cases of insect larvae being used for pigmentation of strawberry yogurts. Thus, you may not even be aware that you are eating something which required thousands of animals and insects to be sacrificed. Believe it or not, some people might have a problem with that. Many times the items on the ingredient lists are not carefully explained, hiding their true, unhealthy, characteristics.

Many fast food companies focus their marketing towards children, offering presents, toys and many other items along with the meals, which are unhealthy or made of mysterious ingredients.

Therefore, people deserve to know the truth and fast food companies should have a moral and social obligation to grant us the necessary information about their products.

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