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When it comes to supplements, it really is a problem finding a proper one. This is especially present when some product is very popular and many companies produce it. One of those popular products is acai berry, but is acai berry a real deal or a scam? What are the facts behind it?


Acai berry is one of the most powerful antioxidants and as such, it is excellent in preventing the occurrence of malign cells in the body. This is achieved with eliminating the free radicals, which are one of the causing factors of cancer in the body. So, this is the truth. Can acai berry help us with weight reduction? Directly, no, but indirectly, yes, definitely it can. Acai berry raises the levels of energy in the body and that energy can be helpful in the exercising process, provided that one is even present. If not, well, that energy will go to waste and acai will not help with weight loss at all.

Acai has become popular thanks to several celebrities who have been using it, with Oprah Winfrey being the most active about it. No better marketing campaign than this was needed and the selling of acai berry product increased instantly overnight. Not only that, many companies included acai in their selling program in that period, hoping for the profit. Well, earning some money is not a problem, but it is when the selling product is not what buyers think it is. What is the problem? The problem is in the concentration of acai active ingredient in those products. Simply explained, these products contain so small acai amount, that it really cannot help us much. Having acai included in the label, but without the exact amount, is a definite sign that this product will not help, or at least not as expected. And since these products are not cheap, it is obvious why many people were left angry and not satisfied with acai berry.


Always check for the labels! The exact percentage of each ingredient must be shown there and this is what is most important. Try to buy a product from a company already known for some other high quality products. Also, try to do find someone who has already been using these products and listen to their experience. Everything is allowed, because it is your money and health at stake here and that is something that should not be played with. So, is acai berry a scam? No, but a person must be careful when buying acai berry product.

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