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When we talk about the achievements of the modern age, there surely are many positive things that we can mention, especially when it comes to the medicine and improvements in the areas of diagnostic and treatment of many conditions. Still, there are the some things, health related, that simply cannot be put on a positive list. Besides alcohol, nicotine and drug abuse, obesity is another problem that needs a lot of analyzing if we want to find a solution for it. And a proper and effective solution is needed.

The problem

What is the actual connection between fast food and obesity? It might be true that if there were no fast food, there would be less people with excessive weight, but fast food itself cannot be blamed. The problem usually lies in the head of the person who has obesity issues. Excessive eating usually comes as a sort of compensation for something negative that happened, or is still happening, so dealing with that psychological factor might be the best possible treatment for dealing with the obesity. And of course, there are people who simply enjoy eating all sorts of delicious, tasty food. There is no logical reason to point the finger at fast food for the obesity problem, the one that becomes larger and larger each day in all parts of the world. Fast food is an option, and it depends on the individual whether someone will eat it or not. Fast food and its creator cannot be blamed.

The solution

Even though fast food is not a guilty party here, it is important to realize what the alternatives are. Fast food offers all we want and need, delicious food, salty and sweet, one that is already prepared so no time in the kitchen is needed. One thing that could be done here is preparing meals on your own, which will take some time and cooking skills, but homemade meals can and should be very healthy and delicious. And also, those meals cost less.

Also, exercises can be done, which means that eating only fast (some would say junk) food does not have to necessarily lead to obesity, especially if exercises are included. Whatever eaten, if energy output is higher than input, obesity will not happen. Still, fast food usually does not contain many healthy nutrients and consuming it might lead to certain medical issues other than obesity (diabetes, heart and blood vessels issues). Exercising and dieting are two great things that can be done about obesity.

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