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Salicylates are chemicals that are naturally found in many foods but they are also a major ingredient of Aspirin, many pain relievers, and health and beauty products. Salicynates act by reducing pain and inflammation but it may cause wide range of health problems in some individuals. Today, we are exposed to salicylates more than ever and many people are sensitive to it experiencing skin problems. People who have low level of tolerance to salicylates may develop allergic reaction with symptoms that may range from mild to life threatening.

Where Salicynates Can be Found?Salicylates are natural compounds of vegetables, herbs, fruits and plants but they are also manufactured synthetically and used for making number of skin care products, medications, flavorings, preservatives, solvents, cosmetics and toothpastes. Salycinates are main component of Aspirin and other pain killers, such as ibuprofen. People who have allergic reaction to Aspirin are in fact allergic to salicynates. However, salicynates are hard to avoid since they are almost everywhere. Nowadays, foods have larger amount of these compounds than they used to. The main reason is that nowadays crops are treated with salicylates to increase their resistance to insects and diseases. Also, in the past people made their own skin care products that didn’t contain salicynates in amount as those manufactured today.

Symptoms of Salicylate AllergyIn high doses, salicylates are harmful to everyone but most people can tolerate average amounts of this component in food, medicines and cosmetics. However, some people may experience allergic reaction to salicylates when exposed even to small amount of these chemicals at the time. Symptoms of salicylate allergy may include asthma-like symptoms such as wheezing and trouble breathing. Headaches, nausea, diarrhea and stomach pain are also caused by allergic reaction to salicylates. Furthermore, a person may experience memory loss, depression and hyperactivity. Other symptoms include nasal congestion, swelling of the hands, feet and face and skin rash, itching or hives. In rare cases, a person may experience anaphylaxis which includes severe drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness and organ system failure.

How to Avoid Salicylates?It is almost impossible to avoid exposure to salicylate because it is present in many products. However, if you have allergy to salycinate it would be the best to avoid products that contain it. You should avoid using Aspirin and try using other medicatios for pain relief. Do not use cosmetics and skin care products that are artificially colored. Avoid mint in skin care products since, it is high in salycilates and use toothpaste that is salicylate-free. Also, restrict consumption of coffee, alcohol, vinegar and ketchup since they all contain large amount of salicylates.

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