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We have more control over our fertility, and the timing of our pregnancies, than ever before in today's world. For many of us, planning the right time to try for a baby is totally within the realm of possibility. Of course things do not always go to plan, and sometimes getting pregnant is more difficult than we had imagined, while the stork can come knocking unexpectedly as well sometimes! But if you are talking about family planning, when is the best time try for a baby? Fertility-wise, there is no question about the fact that a woman's twenties are a great decade to have babies.

Younger women are more likely to get pregnant sooner, and are less likely to need medical intervention to help them conceive a baby. But does the fact that younger women conceive more easily mean that this is also the best time to try for a baby? Life is likely to have different plans many women in their twenties have not come across the man with whom they would like to have kids yet, or want to build up a career first, or buy a house. Couples who have been affected by the "baby fever" and would love to have kids find reasons why the time is not quite right all too often. Let's have kids after we get out of debt, when we've been on safari together, or after we have been promoted these are familiar chants for many couples.

To be honest, there is never an "ideal" time to have a baby. Things in your life can always improve. By the same token, babies can nearly always fit into your life! If you keep delaying because something in your life is not quite right, the right time to have a baby might never come along, or it might happen when your natural fertility window is about to pass. In conclusion, the best time to try for a baby is when you and your partner both want one! The best time to try for a baby might just be now!

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