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Six Pack – How Long

Thereis just an enormous number of people who are dying to find out what the proper time to building up and toning the abs is. This is especially true for those who are already doing bodybuilding, or some similar mode of physique exercises. Unfortunately, and this also comes from the mouth of many experts on this subject, there just isn’t any single satisfying answer to this “mystery.” One of the reasons is that there are just too many different people and thus too many different bodies and metabolisms, and one single advice is thus impossible. But there is one thing that is certain, and that is the following – if you do want six packs so badly, then you are going to have to sweat for it a lot, as well as mind your daily diet and the time schedule for your daily meals, for without this control, there is little chance to get the satisfyingresults.


Thereare a lot of factors that play an important role and determine the length of the time needed to acquire six pack. Those most influential and most important include:

Factor 1: Genetics is considered as one of the most influential factors to affect the entire six pack process. Mitigating factor for the members of male population in comparison to female population, lies in the fact that male can acquire six pack much easier due to the fact that they are gifted by nature with a greater number of muscles, whereas women have significantly more fat present in their bodies.Factor 2: Body Type – another way of coming to the answer to the above asked question is by comparing the types of body among the people. In general, all body types can be categorized in three groups, namely ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. First group members are characterized by small bones and are skinny in appearance. The second group members have big bones and the percentage of fats is significantly higher than that of the former group members. And the third group members are those gifted with the muscular body, and extremely low percentage of fat. Logically, those who belong to the last group are those who will naturally need less time and effort to build those envious six packs.Factor 3: Diet – one of the surest ways to speed up the entire six pack build up process and reduce the time needed to do this, is to be willing to bring some novelty into your regular diet habits. Also, one should pay special attention to the timetable of the meals. When it comes to the number of meals, the most favorable is to have five or six smaller meals daily. Every time we take some food in, our body must deal with the calories in order to be able to digest that food. Thus when eating more, the body will burn more calories.

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