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Losing weight is not an easy thing to do but keeping the desired weight, once it is reached, can be even more difficult. Slipping and falling into old eating habits can happen to everyone but it is the important to bounce back and not let it destroy all the results accomplished during dieting.

Preventing weight cycling

The first step is always to wisely chose a diet that suits the individual needs the best, and of course, sticking to it. Once the scale shows the desired weight, it is time to fight to maintain it. Unfortunately, many people abandon their diet plans and start eating wrong again, regaining the weight in a short period, and then they usually have to start the diet all over again. This is known as “yo-yo effect” or weight cycling and many dieters fall victims to it.

In order to prevent this effect it is important to find a person who will help through the process. It may be a counselor, a therapist or a life coach, or simply a good friend who understands. It is even better to find a friend who is on a diet too and talk about the difficulties along the way.

Spouses and partners need to be supportive to the person who is trying to lose weight. Their understanding and support are vital for not relapsing to old eating habits.

Identifying the motivation

Each obese person has a different motive for losing weight. For many, especially if they are very obese, the motivation is health, because many serious conditions and diseases are associated with obesity.

Others may wish to lose weight because they feel it will help their self-esteem, or because they believe that being slim or normal weight brings better social life. Some just want to fit in the old skinny jeans again.

Whatever the motivation is, it is important to recognize it and stick to it. Many people are overweight because they have an underlying emotional issue, like disappointment in love life, uninspiring career, and similar. Addressing the root of one’s unhappiness is the key for keeping the weight off in the long run.


Exercise is an essential part of good health. Being active is beneficial for almost every body function, and for those who are on a diet plan it is essential. There is no wonder diet that will work without the person having to lift a finger. Every person on a diet needs to choose an exercise regime and stick to it. It will make him or her feel better, because exercise stimulates the excretion of “feel-good” hormones, and it will keep the hunger away.

Cardio routines are usually the ones recommended for the persons who wish to lose pounds. It is also recommended to take it up a notch with interval training, which means alternating high-intensity workout like sprinting with low-intensity activity like walking, in short intervals.

Building muscle mass is also important. A new, bigger or stronger muscle burns calories even while resting.

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