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You can all relate to the next situation. You walk into work grasping the biggest double coffee there is, you make your way to the morning meeting held by your boss. Half way through the meeting you feel it coming - the yawn. You try to make it disappear, shuffle in your seat a little, you even try to stifle it but the flared nostrils are a dead giveaway. So you raise your hand to cover and disguise the yawn and just then your boss looks straight at you. Now you feel embarrassed for getting caught in mid yawn. Your colleges and your boss all believe that a yawn is a sign of boredom, thus rude.

Patt Lind-Kyle who is a mind training expert says that a yawn is not a sign of boredom, but in fact it is simply your body starting up your brain so you can effectively and efficiently take in all the information given to you. So many of us truly believe that yawning is disrespectful when performed in other people's presence, but it seems that there is no grounds for this belief.

What Is a Yawn

Scientifically, a yawn is a sequence of inhalation of air which will stretch your eardrums, followed by exhalation and can go together with a body stretch. Yawn can happen automatically, or you can yawn purposely, when you feel the need.

Benefits of Yawning

It is a known fact that a yawn will boost your cerebral competence. It has happened to everyone that, when doing a task that requires concentration over a long period of time, mind inevitably wanders off into other random thoughts. This is when you will often start to yawn, which is actually the body stimulating a neural area of the brain which plays a huge role in being more aware and it also helps in relaxation, attentiveness and keeping a high-quality memory. Any time that you find yourself taking a breath more deeply, your brain waves will automatically slow down and thus your muscles will receive the communication to relax.

Maintaining Balance

After extensive research it is now a known fact that yawning assists in calming and cooling down the brain that is overactive because it wants to control the temperature and metabolism.

Yawning Equals Sleep Required

This is not true, yawning, in fact, contracts the muscles in the face, which will make the blood go through the cerebral blood vessels and go into the brain and this action will increase your alertness.

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