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Did you know that singing can actually improve your imune system. Scientists at the University of Frankfurt in Germany say that singing in fact will and can strengthen yours own bodies imune system. This was detected by the blood works. The scientists took the blood from singers prior and after singing for a sixty minute choir session at the practice of Mozart's Requiem. The scientists found a protein called immunoglobin A which basically will act as an antibody in the body, the scientists also discovered an anti stress hormone called Hydrocortisone which had be detected to have risen in the time of the singing practice. After the period of one week the individuals who had previously took part in the exercise were asked to just sit and listen to music for another test and not to actually sing this time, the scienctists found that the hormones and protien levels hardly moved as they did in the first singing test. There is much more tests that have been documented over the years which back up the thought that singing is in fact good for your body as well as your mind.

Why is Singing Good for You

Endorphins are let go into your bodies systems when you sing and that's why you get the feeling of being uplifted and on a high and it is a fact that singers are far more healthier than the non singing population. As well as that reason, singing also gives your lungs the exercise they require to stay healthy, expanding them at a larger capacity than they do when simple walking and talking. If you sing your circulatory system will also benifit as it becomes stimulated coupled with stimulation of your abdominal and intercostal muscles. The Professor Graham Welch who is the Director of Educational Research at the University of Surrey, Roehampton in the United Kingdom said that by singing we inevitableimprove our aerobic capacity and will then experience a release of muscle tension as well to boot. He also stated that singing has the potential to increase the length of your life because you tend to stand and sit up straight when singing which of course will improve your posture thus improving your back muscles, it also exercises your vocal cords giving you a more pleasant voice sound which in turn will make you feel younger. You know what they say, the younger you feel, the younger you are.

Greg Cohen

A man named Greg Cohen who worked at the George Washington University did a study on a choir group who had an average age of around eighty years old. The data he found was remarkable, they, in comparrison to people their age who were non singers, made less appointments for the doctors office, suffered with a lesser state of depression and anxiety and as well as that they took far less medication then the others.

Jovita Wallace

A sound therapist called Jovita Wallace states that if you want to get rid of the depressed feelings then sing for two to three minutes making the a sound, like aahhh. If you wish to speed up your bodily functions then sing in a short e sound because it stimulates your thyroid gland. If you want your immune system stronger then simply sing the double o sound which with speak to your spleen.

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