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Rainforests are the locations on our planet, in which high measurements of rainfall are present. There are many popular rainforests all around the world, and many people do not know that their significance is extremely great. More than 70 % of medicines are made from plants, and rainforests are very important because the majority of these plants can be found there. Animals and plants that are not present anywhere else can be found there. We do not know how many undiscovered types of animals and plants there are, but their number must be very high.

As we know, plants produce oxygen, and the fact that 20% of oxygen in the world comes from the Amazon rainforest, shows how important rainforest are. Also, Amazon rainforest contains 20% of world's water resources and more than 3000 types of fruit. To show how big this number is, let’s just say that in America, there are only 200 types of fruit that come from the rainforest.

Some studies have shown that some plants from the rainforests can be used in fighting the cancer cells, but since these studies are in early phase, we will not give them much credibility. Let’s just say that many studies are being performed today to see whether the rainforest holds the key to the successful treatment of HIV, viruses and cancer. We can only be amazed by the number of plants, animals, fish and beneficial effects of rainforests on humans. They have more types of fish than the entire Atlantic Ocean. Imagine what else still waits to be discovered.


Unfortunately, rainforests are being destroyed, and this is very concerning. They are destroyed for farming, though the soil is not adequate for this purpose. The number of area covered by rainforests has dropped from 20 to 5 percent and this in the period for the last 50 years. Every day 200 000 acres is destroyed. Luckily, many alternatives have been discovered in order to save the rainforests from the destruction. It is more profitable to use resources from the rainforest than to cut it down and use the land for something else. Elements that can be found in the rainforests are just too much valuable. We have to help in order to spread the word about the positive effect of rainforest on every human life. By doing this, we may change the public opinion and if we save at least one acre of rainforest, it will be worth it.

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