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Acai berries are the fruits of an Amazonian acai palm tree(Euterpe oleracea). The palms are harvested mainly in Brasil, and some other Centraland South America countries. The fruit is about an inch long, red or purplecolor, resembling other berries, like cranberry, blueberry or other.

Acai berries are proven to contain antioxidant substancescalled anthocyanins and flavonoids. Anthocyanins give red and purple color tothese berries, and in some other fruits and vegetables they are responsible forthe blue tones. Red grape, red wine, acai and blueberries are a great source ofanthocyanins.

These substances are antioxidants, helping the body to fightthe everyday stress and improving the immune system. Antioxidants are fightingagainst the free radicals, mainly free oxygen radicals, which cause ageing anddifferent diseases and conditions. Acai berries are affecting the freeradicals, decreasing their power and therefore decreasing the risk of many illnesses, like heartdisease or cancer. This effect is similar (or the same) to many other fruits.

Pulp of the acai berries is considered to have more antioxidantsthan any other berries, including cranberry, blueberry or blackberry. There wereno conclusive evidence and the studies are still ongoing.

Acai and Weight Loss

Acai berries are sometimes referred to as “superfood”, greatfor weight loss. This is the consequence explained mostly by the antioxidants,which speed up the metabolism, causing the fat to melt. Weight loss is mucheasier with acai berries and without side effects that many of the synthetic productscause. Just remember, specialist recommend diet full of antioxidants (from ANYsource) when you plan to lose some weight.


The berries contain acai oil, and this oil is also full ofantioxidants. What’s good for the body is good for the skin too. Having this inmind, there are many beauty products containing acai oil. Processed acai oilcan be stored and it still remains full of antioxidants. That is why it is usedin anti-ageing treatments, facial and body creams, and even hair products, likeshampoos and conditioners.

Any Side Effects?

Normal amounts of the berries are usually safe to eat, andthe fruit to drink. Be aware if you are allergic to pollen or some other berriesor tropical fruit, you might have an allergy to acai as well.


You should use products that are clearly marked to contain 100% pure extract ofacai berries. These berries are picked manually in the Amazonian rainforest andbecause of that they aren’t cheap (about 50$ for a bottle).

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