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Complex ovarian cysts

The ovarian cysts are among the most common problemsthat affect the female reproductive system. There are manytypes of the ovarian cysts, including the complex ovarian cysts, which are, unlike other types, relatively harmless, but they still might cause certaincomplications if left untreated.

Complex ovarian cysts contain solid or liquidcomponents and usually cause strong pain and many discomforts, especially in severe cases. In the majority of cases, the complex ovarian cysts aredetected when the women go on the routine check-up at a gynecologist. When thecysts are discovered, the doctor prescribes a proper treatment, which depends onthe types of the cyst since the complex ovarian cysts may be of three kinds:dermoid, endometrioma and cystadenoma.

Types of complex ovarian cysts

Dermoid cysts are a type of the complex ovarian cystswhich are not cancerous, but which cause a great deal of pain, particularly ifthey are twisted. Dermoid cysts are created from the same cells that form thehuman egg, which is why it is not unusual that they have an almost-human formsince the hair and teeth, as well as other tissues appear in these cysts. Thistype of cysts may also have sweat glands.Endometrioma refers to the complex ovarian cyst thatappears outside the uterus and occurs as a result of endometriosis.Cystadenomas are complex ovarian cysts that aremade of liquid and mucus and that tend to twist upon themselves leading to theunbearable pain.

Treatment for complex ovarian cysts

The complex ovarian cysts may be treated in variousways. Some complex ovarian cysts need to be removed in a surgical procedureright away after their discovery, while there are also the cysts that can becontrolled by the means of certain medicines. However, it happens that all the available methods of the conventional medicine are not of a great help for treatingand eliminating of these cyst, since all these methods just treat and relievethe symptoms of the complex ovarian cysts and do not treat the underlyingcause.

Nevertheless, it isconsidered that the holistic approach in dealing with the complex ovarian cystsis the best method since this kind of treatment does not focus only on thecondition, but also on the health of the whole body of the patient. Therefore,it is recommended to give a try to this method of treatment of the complex ovarian cystsbefore deciding to undergo an operation.

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