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When a woman suffers from some disorder or diseasethat affects her reproductive system, it makes a great impact on herpsychological and emotional state since her fertility is in question. Therefore,it negatively influences not only her general body health, but she feels less alike doing some daily routines and her libido is also significantly decreased.

Painful ovarian cysts

One of the disorders of the female reproductive systemis the ovarian cyst, which represents the fluid-filled sacs within the ovaries. Thesecysts may be of different kinds and they can be mild or severe according to thetype. Even though some ovarian cysts do not need any treatment and they disappearalone, there are also those that cause an intense pain and many otherdiscomforts.

It is observed that the hemorrhagic ovarian cystsare those cysts that lead to the occurrence of strong pain in the right abdominalside. These cysts are also called bloodcysts or even hematoceles and hematocysts. This type of ovarian cysts occurwhen the blood vessels breaks and leaks in the ovary. When the blood ovariancyst ruptures, the blood can reach the abdominal cavity. Also, the blood is not expelled through vagina and therefore, thetreatment with tetracycline is usually recommended by the doctor, as well as taking a lotof rest.In women who suffer from endometriosis, thedevelopment of endometrioid ovarian cysts is very likely to occur. When theendometrial tissue implants itself somewhere out of the uterus, a cyst may growout of it. If it breaks, the woman feels a sharp unbearable pain. These cystsare also known as chocolate cyst, since they become brown in color due to the accumulationof blood in the tissue.Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a disease of thefemale reproductive system when many cysts form within the ovaries. Even thoughthe professionals have not yet established the real cause for the incidence ofpolycystic ovaries, there are several potential conditions that contribute to thedevelopment of this condition, and among them is also type 2 diabetes, when the woman is insulin resistant.It is considered that increased levels of insulin in the blood interfere withthe hormones responsible for the ovulation, thus resulting in the occurrenceof multiple cysts within the ovaries.Dermoid cysts belong to the complex ovarian cystsand they may also be very painful. These cysts are unusual, since they can have ahuman like appearance, which involves the growth of teeth and hair, as well asthe development of sweat glands within them.

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