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The cysts are usually round or ovalshaped sacs filled with a fluid that can be either liquid or solid. Theformation of the cysts can appear everywhere in the human body, which means that almost everyorgan and every part of the human body can be affected by this disorder.

The kidneys are two organs placed on the left and right side of the abdomen, which performseveral vital functions. The most important is the filtering the blood fromthe toxins and removing them in the form of urine. The kidneys are also proneto formation of cysts and the cysts that form on the kidneys are knownas renal cysts. The renal cysts may be simple or complex.

The simple kidney cysts are filled by either liquid or blood and they usually appear in the people over 50 yearsof age. The simple renal cysts are not dangerous and they do not lead to thedevelopment of the kidney cancer.

Causes of complex kidney cyst

Renal cysts may be congenital (orpresent at birth), or the person can develop them later in life. The renal cyst may be induced bysome intestinal parasite infection, for example, tapeworm. It is observed that people whoundergo peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis are very susceptible to thedevelopment of multiple and bilateral renal cysts.

Furthermore, there are many healthconditions that cause the formation of complex kidney cysts. Some of those conditionsare polycystic kidney disease, multicystic dysplastic kidney, nephronophthisisand medullary cystic disorder. Moreover, people who suffer from medullarysponge kidney, peripelvic lymphangiectasia or von Hippel-Lindau disease might also have the complex kidney cysts.

Complex kidney cysts andcomplications

While the simple renal cysts haveregular shape, the complex kidney cysts are irregular in shape and they usuallyhave irregular lining of the cyst, as well as different and abnormal internalstructure. The inside of the complex renalcysts can be quite complex and made of many parts that are divided by theseptum or the walls. One of the complications that can occur as a consequenceof untreated complex renal cysts is the development of the kidney cancer out ofthese cysts.

The complex kidney cysts are alsovery difficult to classify since the walls inside the cysts make several partsof them, and they can be filled with different fluids and substances. Therefore,various methods are used in order to classify the complex renal cysts andaccording to Bosniak classification, the Bosniak IV complex kidney cysts referto the kidney cancer.

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