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Dangerous Complications of Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts can cause several complications. The symptoms that develop in such cases require detailed pelvic exam of an affected women. Nevertheless, large ovarian cysts can produce a lot of pain even if not causing complications. An enlarged ovarian cyst can also cause urgency to urinate since they can press on the bladder. Holistic approach is helpful in treatment of ovarian cyst complications.

Regular pelvic exam is also important since some women develop rare types of ovarian cysts. Unlike common ones, unusual cysts typically do not cause pain and other specific symptoms. In fact, less common types of ovarian cysts are the ones that cause complication. The symptoms can be mistaken for symptoms of pregnancy. Until they start bleeding severely, many women are not aware of having ovarian cyst and may at first believe bleeding is a sign of a miscarriage.

Complications of ovarian cysts are not always malignant. However, they are usually diagnosed in advanced stages as they initially do not produce pain and other symptoms. Complicated ovarian cysts can interfere with female fertility. On the other hand, in menopausal women complicated ovarian cysts often prove to be cancerous.

Non Functional Ovarian CystsDermoid Cysts

The dermoid ovarian cysts are made up of cells that form human egg. These cysts are formed from human tissues like hair, teeth, skin and cartilage. They are rarely malignant but when they become too large they can cause severe pain and complications due to twisting of the ovary.

Endometrioma Cysts

These cysts are caused by endometriosis and are made up of endometrial tissue. Endometrioma cysts grow outside the uterus and may attach to the ovary.

Cystadenoma CystsCystadenomas develop outside the ovaries and can reach up to 12 inches in diameter. These cysts are made up of ovarian tissue and may contain liquid or mucus. Common complication of cystadenoma cysts is twisting of the ovary.

Management of Complicated Ovarian CystsComplications caused by ovarian cysts depend on the type of the cyst. Treatment of the functional cysts can be easily carried out with medications or surgery. One the other hand, the non functional cysts are not easily managed as they are more complicated and their cause is usually unknown.

These cysts can cause abdominal discomfort and bleeding during sexual intercourse. The treatment for the non functional ovarian cysts is mainly designed to alleviate the symptoms. On the other hand, the Holistic approach focuses on the cause rather then the symptoms of these cysts. Obesity, low immunity, accumulation of toxins in the digestive system, genetic predisposition or poor diet is considered to be the primary cause of complicated ovarian cysts. The holistic approach aims to treat the cause and is the one that should be adopted if you want to get rid of complications of ovarian cysts.

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