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The world is not a place where working mother can easily go on through the day. The day of a married woman will be filled with a lot of responsibilities at home and work as well. Also, single mothers are under a strain as well since they are the family's single provider. But although there is a lot of stress in our lives lead today, there are some ways in which the stress can be reduced. If the cause of the stress has been located, there are steps to overcome this cause and repel the stress and its negative effects.


Having a job and a family is a very stressful management and they are not the only source of the stress. While men can deny requirements from other people, women seem to be less able to do this. And there is a possibility a woman may feel bad if she could have taken care of somebody else but she had taken some time for herself. The effects of this behavior will surely be felt by any woman and they will make the impact to the emotional and physical health. Both male and female bodies react to the stress in the same manner. Medical problems like headaches, ulcers, sexual dysfunction, high blood pressure and backaches can be caused by stress. It can also lead to conditions such as eating disorders, infections and skin disorders. The stress will make more impact if a woman is suffering from a hormonal change and this varies depending on life stages and menstrual cycle. New and nervous mothers are the most affected by the postpartum stress.


The health of women may be protected with a few simple tricks, which will reduce the stress and make them feel better. A woman should always find at least 15 minutes for herself during the day. Also, saying no from time to time is not a crime and feel free to do this if you cannot do something due to limited time or if you just do not want to do it. Be selective in your tasks and try to be more socialized. Do not be afraid of the nap since it will give you the energy you need for the rest of the day. Also, it is important not to waste time since you do not have it enough and this makes demand for good organization skills. You will be more relaxed if you do not need to look for stuff in a clutter, so try to reduce the clutter. Try to look after your looks and exercise regularly, since this will make you feel good and avoid potential medical problems. Remember that you can only take care of others if you are in a condition and shape to help.

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