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British scientists found that the soy-based fertility treatment Intralipid could help women get pregnant, where IVF failed! Not only did a new experimental study conclude that Intralipid increased women's chances of pregnancy, but they also added in a nice bonus; the soy-based liquid might have the potential to prevent miscarriages too. What is Intralipid, then?

Actually, a liquid rich in fat and calories that is normally used to nourish very ill patients. News about the new study is all over the British press, and there is no shortage of personal success stories either. Couples who went through cycle after cycle of IVF without success, and who were truly desperate and wondering why they could not get pregnant, witnessed their dreams come true after using the apparently revolutionary Intralipid treatment.

The study's research team tracked women who failed to get pregnant even with IVF, after many cycles. Their findings were amazing of those who were given the soy-based liquid, half finally managed to conceive. The control group that simply continued to receive IVF treatments did not fare so well. Only one out of ten women in that group achieved pregnancy. In addition, Intralipid is said help prevent miscarriage. Some women have immune systems that attack their growing embryos when they get pregnant. Intralipid, scientists speculate, may interfere with this process and keep the pregnancy safe.

Not only could this new treatment potentially help many couples achieve their dreams of parenthood, Intralipid is also conveniently inexpensive. George Ndukwe, from the Care fertility clinic in Nottingham, United Kingdom, explained: "This infusion is inexpensive, well tolerated and easy to administer. We're devoting our attention to finding answers when nature goes wrong." Wonderful!

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