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Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress, and almost everyone suffers from a bit of anxiety sometimes. Pregnant women are of course not exempt from anxiety, despite the common perception that pregnancy itself should make women feel happy and "pink cloud-like". Anxiety can be mild or severe, and its treatment varies in accordance with the severity of the anxiety. One thing is clear when a pregnant woman is experiencing anxiety attacks, it is something that should be taken very seriously. So, what are the possible treatment options for anxiety in pregnancy? Are there any safe medications?

It is easy to think that, when you are pregnant, your obstetrician/gynecologist can take care of all your healthcare. This is not really true, though. Women with anxiety problems during pregnancy should see a qualified therapist, and perhaps even a psychiatrist. There is no shame in feeling anxious, and having anxiety or panic attacks while you are expecting a baby. These symptoms are, however, something that should be taken very seriously. Anxiety can impact your body and its functions negatively, and stress has been proven to have adverse effects on a fetus as well. Therefore, the sooner you seek treatment, the better.

Not all anti-anxiety medications are safe to use for pregnant women, and many more are sometimes prescribed despite the fact that their impact on a fetus is not fully known. The negative effects of the anxiety itself, and the negative effects of any usage of medication, have to be weighed carefully. It is probably safe to say that therapy should always be the first step. If possible, the factors that trigger your anxiety should be taken away. This can be done individually on occasion, or with the help of a counselor. Is your anxiety caused by pregnancy-related triggers, or seemingly unrelated to the fact that you are expecting a baby? Is there anything you can do to take your triggers away? Working through your fears about childbirth or impending motherhood, or perhaps taking early maternity leave, can sometimes help. Also see our thoughts about natural treatment for prenatal depression, and prenatal depression symptoms.

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