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Woman and weight lossis an eternal struggle that happens in almost all women, no matter if the numberof extra pounds is only few or very high. Unfortunately, and this does not gofor women only, when it comes to weight loss, the first and most importantreason for starting a weight reduction process is because of esthetics, while healthcomes later.

Weight loss andhealth

Only when certainnumber of pounds is lost, people start to realize how beneficial weight reductionis for their health, not only for having an attractive body. The most obviouseffect is easier performance of all daily physical activities (for example,going to a second floor by steps is no longer a problem). Since body weighs abit less, less energy is needed while performing the same motions as before.Also, when it comes to dieting, it is important to use some healthy andbalanced diet, the one that is not too restrictive and that will not allow very lowamount of calories (which might be a shock for some people, both mental andphysical). This is why number of calories allowed has to be set at a certainlevel, low enough for a fat burning process to start but not too low to beunhealthy for the organism.

The schedule

The best thing to dowhen it comes to losing weight is to combine an effective diet with someserious exercising. The only problem here that might occur is in the mind of aperson that suddenly has to change a lot of things in life. Eating habits haveto be changed and fun time has to be significantly decreased in order toimplement physical activity, not only once or twice in a week, but at leastthree times, while everyday workout would be perfect.

The example

P90X program is one of those combinations andit is an effective one too. The problem with this program is that it does includea relatively intensive workout and a somewhat strict diet too. But it is ahealthy combination and it should be tried. Although, some experts say that P90Xfor women might not be the best possible option, at least for those who arejust starting with losing weight. Still, if this method is used, some of theexercises can be tweaked a bit so that they can be performed more easily. For example,if pull ups are presenting a problem, those can and should be replaced withresistance band exercise. Even like this, P90X will be very effective.

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