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What is the main problem when it comes to losing weight?Some say that it is the lack of spirit, no mental strength to endure a rigorousdiet and intensive exercising. But whose fault is that? It is obvious thatpeople always set high standards and wanted goals, and then they getdisappointed when nothing is achieved. People have to be realistic, to setsmaller goals, to start a diet with baby steps and then move on to moredifficult options.

Weigh reduction

Is it logical to impose a fast diet on someone who neverdieted before? A two week rigorous plan with amounts of food literally severaltimes smaller than someone is used too is not a good way to start. And many of those people simply give upafter only couple of days or perhaps at half of a dieting period. And some ofthem never even try again. So, what actually has to be done? You need one ofthe weight loss plans designed for you only and that can be done with a help ofnutritionist. A good nutritionist will hear you out, learn what you have beeneating before, what were the amounts of food inserted, amount of water taken,types of foods used etc. When all this is known, a transition diet is created.We call it transition because it is not a true diet, but a sort of preparation, since ahybrid diet will help a person get used to smaller amounts and healthier food.Only when this successful period is over, a real diet may be applied. Still, some of the people stick to the transition diet, which will also help with theweight reduction, although a bit slower than the so-called real diet. Actually,it might be for the best to switch from one diet to another; fast diet in acombination with slow, healthier diet. Two weeks of fast dieting followed by a month or two of slow healthy eating.

Basal metabolism

All diet plans need to increase the rate of basalmetabolism. And that can also be done with the help of physical activity.Actually, increased exercising helps with weight reduction and fat burningprocess, but also with increasing the overall amount of energy and with boostingthe systems in the organism. Weight loss plans designed for you might be theoptimal solution, some effort is required to find a good nutritionist but whenthat is done, half the job is done too.

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