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Methods to get a Flat Stomach

Addingthe following simple advisory exercises and techniques will help to flatten the stomach, along with a balanced diet and general healthyliving.

Maintainingan upright posture is a quick way to make the abdominals appear flatter. This technique will strengthen the back muscles at the sametime.

Cardiovascularexercises, such as swimming and running, are a method of training that concentrates on keeping up a strong heart rate, and can help relieve stress, boost the heart's functions, burn off the excess energy and increase the metabolism. A good amount to aim for is thirty to forty-five minutes per training, maintaining 3 to 5 trainings per week. The intensiveness of the exercise is directly proportional to the amount of calories burned, causing the person to lose more weight in a shorter time, assuming they train frequently.

Maintaininga balanced diet is an essential factor in this endeavour. This does not mean not eating at all, but rather eating low fat, low sugar foods and drinking plenty of water. Restricting calorie intake is crucial, as is eating fruit and vegetables, whole grains and proteins that are low in fat.


Inaddition to the above, abdominal exercises are naturally a major part of the endeavour. While training the abdominal area, executing precise abdominal exercises in many different ways is crucial.

Forone particular exercise, start standing straight up, with the feet apart as far as the hips are wide. Lift the arms above the head, with elbows bent to a 90° angle, and while keeping the hips and legs stable, lean the upper body to the left, rolling over the hip, and then return to the original position. Next, do the same, except this time lean over to the right. Complete ten of these repetitions.

Thenext exercise, the crunch, is named so due to the contraction of the abdomen. There are many types of crunches to use, from sit-ups to bicycle crunches. Choose 3 different ones and perform each one for 1 minute at a time.

Theplank exercise is beneficial in tightening the stomach muscles, ensuring a flat abdomen. Start by lying face-down on the floor, and place the arms below the shoulders, pushing off the floor while holding the legs rigid. With arms fully extended, hold this pose rigidly for thirty seconds, return to the floor slowly, and repeat this 10 times. Every week, try to hold the raised position forlonger.

Theseexercises will not completely flatten the abdomen and strengthen the muscles in a week, but will take a substantial length of time to have the desired effect.

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