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This problem is contagious, but to what extent? We will focus on this issue and try to explain just how contagious bronchitis is. This problem is associated with the inflammation of the trachea branches or bronchi due to the bacteria or viruses. The problem that this condition causes is similar to those of a common cold, it is very common and attacks just about anybody, regardless of age.

Bronchitis is a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. When it is present, mucus is created, which can lead to the passages clogging. There are chronic and acute bronchitis. Bronchi or airways infection, which is usually long-lasting, is associated with the chronic type, while acute is produced by the bacteria and virus. Chronic can also be caused by the cold air, industrial pollutants, exposure to the second hand smoking and smoking. The difference between the common cold and bronchitis is the thick yellowish phlegm that is present in the cough. The most common problems experienced are fatigue, chills, cough with chest pain, headache, wheezing, breath shortness, slight fever, and sore throat.


When we talk about this issue, it is important to say that not every type of bronchitis is contagious. Those that are chronic are not contagious, while acute ones are. Those created by the viral infection are also contagious and the cause determines if it is contagious or not. The reason why the acute type is contagious is because it is airborne and can easily be spread. Just coughing toward someone can pass the problem. Chronic bronchitis is caused by different things, so it is not contagious. This problem is very common among children and older people. Because of this, they need to be extra careful not to contract it from the affected persons.


The doctor should be visited if the problems we have mentioned are experienced, or if this problem just keeps getting back for a long period of time. The most effective tool in diagnosing the bronchitis is chest x-ray. Medications given for bronchitis are usually antibiotics. Also, treatment requires the use of vaporizer, drinking plenty of fluids and resting as much as possible.


Since the problem can easily affect other people, it is very wise to be careful not to contract it further. There are measures that you can follow. Vaccination is usually the most effective and easiest way of prevention, but also try to limit the exposure to the persons suffering from acute bronchitis, if you cannot avoid them completely. Do not share items with those who have bronchitis. Also, avoid industrial pollutants and smoking in order to prevent the problem.

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