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Bronchitis is the inflammation of the airways (bronchi) whichconduct the air to the lungs. It can be acute or chronic medical condition andis usually caused by some viral or less likely bacterial infections. These pathogens enterthe airways and cause inflammation and bronchitis. This medical condition might also be caused bydust, smoking, both passive and active and air pollution. Some people are moreprone to develop bronchitis. These include people who already suffer from lungproblems such as asthma.

Usually, patients suffering from bronchitis cough a lot, andthat cough is of productive type. The secreted mucus might be very different incolor, from white, yellow to green and gray, but is always present inbronchitis. Other symptoms include: headaches, breathing difficulties, fever, andpain in the body and in the chest.

Bronchitis Treatments

Most cases of acute bronchitis will pass on their own for 2to 3 weeks. Patients are advised to ease the symptoms and rest until theillness passes. Usually, people take some medications to relieve the cough andaspirin or some other NSAID (non steroid anti inflammatory drug) for the feverand body ache. Be aware that children should not use Aspirin until the age of12.

In the case of bacterial bronchitis, doctors might recommendand prescribe a course of antibiotics. These medications won’t work for viralinfection, which are the most frequent cause of bronchitis. Bronchitis might become a serious medical condition andcause hospitalization of the patient, especially if he/she experienced breathingproblems or increased heart rate.

Bronchitis might be treated with some natural remedies. Theywill definitely speed up the recovery and help alleviating some of thesymptoms. One of the best home remedies is the chicken soup. With or withoutgarlic or pepper, hot or warm, the soup always works.

If you are suffering from bronchitis, it is recommended touse lemon, ginger, and honey. For best results, mix these ingredients in a glassof warm water and drink it one or two times a day.

Always make sure to drink plenty of fluids when you getsick. Clear water will prevent dehydration and ease the excretion of pathogensthat caused the infection.

Some suggest using half of a teaspoon of turmeric in a glassof hot milk, as the treatment for bronchitis. Use this spice remedy one or twotimes every day.

Bronchitis might be eased by inhalation and many doctorswill recommend eucalyptus essential oil. Other natural therapies include use ofginger, hot compresses, massages and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, toprovide necessary vitamins.

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