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In order to understand the vas deferens problems, we must firstly know what it is. The two tubes that associate testicles with urethra are called vas deferens. Sperm goes through these tubes into the penis. First, it goes in the form of the sperm, and then it is ejaculated in the form of the semen. If a man suffers from some condition that results in the malfunction of vas deferens, then he will probably have a problem with reproducing. Here are the two causes that can develop the vas deferens diseases. They can be either genetic or environmental.

One genetic disorder is called CAVID, which is a short form of a congenital absence of vas deferens. This condition can develop even before the birth. Men who have this type of vas deferens are able to produce sperm, but there is no any possibility to transmit it in a proper manner. This type of the disorder is called azoospermia and it is often connected with cystic fibrosis. These men can`t inseminate a woman. However, thanks to the modern technology, they can reproduce by using an intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

When an obstruction occurs, there is a possibility of chronic pain. That can be prevented by visiting a doctor.

Another cause of the vas deferens pain due to CAVID can be post-vasectomy pain syndrome or PVPS. Many men who have done this procedure have this chronic condition. Due to the pain, chronic inflammation and pressure in the testicles that they often feel, they regret for undergoing a vasectomy procedure. Vasectomy is the surgical removal or tying of the vas deferens to prevent a passing of sperm. It is often used as a way of a birth control.

After the vasectomy, the body produces on its own a hard tissue and that is the answer of the body to doing vasectomy. Fibrosis and muscle disruption are possible. Finally, a cyst that is filled with the fluid that spreads may be formed.

Sperm granulomas are also a part of the vas deferens. Granulomas are firm, tumor-like granulations formed as a reaction to a chronic inflammation. They are lesions that appear because of the leaking sperm. Some of them may be painful, and some may even decrease chances for developing PVPS.

We gave you some of the causes of vas deferens syndrome, and if some men recognize themselves in this article, it is important for them to visit their doctor for consultations, and, if necessary start, to start a treatment.

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