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Varicocele is a condition that develops because of the increased veins in the scrotum. The place where varicoceles are settled is near the testicles, and veins that are influenced by this condition these are the ones that are in the spermatic cord, which is very important as it contains the vas deferens, blood and lymphatic vessels and the nerves. Varicoceles resemble an enlarged vein on the leg. This condition is not so rare and statistically speaking the every 7th man suffers from it. It can be on the left, right or both sides of testicles. Young men that are between 17 and 25 years old have more chances of developing such condition. This condition is not so painful and in most cases, it develops a discomfort and unusual feeling. Varicoceles can sometimes be seen and felt under fingers, though it is not a rule it depends on the case. They usually cause no pain and symptoms.

Some of the possible consequence due to varicocele is infertility mainly because of the warm testicles, since due to that the quality of sperm is not as good as it should be. But, on the other side, there are men with varicoceles who haven’t lost their fertility, so we are just emphasizing that the chances of infertility in men with varicoceles are increased. In youngsters, there is also the risk of failure in proper development in testicles. At the end, the testis may be smaller than a normal one should be.

The cases where a larger blockage due to the varicocele develops are rare. More chances for that are among the men older than 50 years. This condition can be confused with kidney tumor, but as we said above, it develops amongst the young population and rarely among older people. No particular tests are required, as this condition develops in perfectly healthy men. Particular treatment is not required either, it is best to leave it and it will go off on its own. The only thing doctor can do is to monitor the growing of testis in teenagers. A possible treatment may be tying the enlarged veins or blocking the veins with some special substance. But, even after the treatment, varicoceles may return again, so it doesn’t mean that if you have dealt with the varicoceles problem, you have cured from male infertility. According to the conducted researches, there is no connection with varicoceles treatment and infertility.

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