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Vanadyl sulfate side effects

Vanadyl sulfate has gained huge popularity in recent years. This is because of its ability to mimic insulin activities. Of all the vanadiumus products, vanadyl sulfate is perhaps the most known. Vanadium is a mineral that is found in the human body. Pepper, dill, oats, buck wheat, eggs and vegetable oils, contain this mineral as well. Some researches claim that vanadyl sulfate plays a huge role in a person's growth and development. However, no strong facts confirming this exist, but is strongly believed that that is the case. Apart from the insulin mimicking, vanadyl sulfate has grown in popularity because of its ability to help in muscle growth. These things make it a very wanted supplement, but a person should be aware of the side effects as well.

Vanadyl sulfate effects

Keeping the blood sugar levels normal is an important task that insulin performs. When there is too much sugar in the blood stream, insulin is released so that muscles and liver can turn it into useful energy instead of the stored fat. Stored fat is what is mainly used as an energy source. When this happens, heightened sugar levels go down and so do the insulin levels. Diabetes is the disease that people with high insulin and sugar levels suffer from. In addition to this, some researches say that these supplements play a part in making a body's sensitivity to insulin better. Because of the ability of these supplements to support muscle growth, they have become more sought after, by the people who want to increase their muscle mass.

Vanadyl sulfate side effects

Despite of all the benefits, experts are still debating whether these supplements are safe. This is mainly because of the heart problems that occur with people who use vanadyl sulfate for a long time. It is also believed that a person may damage their DNA, destroy the beta cells and even hinder protein and nutrient synthesis in his or her body.Some cases have shown kidney and liver damage because of the excessive intake of vanadyl sulfate.

The best thing a person can do is to talk to an expert to find out whether it is safe to include these supplements into the diet.

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