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Information on Ferrous Sulfate

Ferrous sulfate is a certain type of the medication which iscommonly used as supplement for the diet of those who suffer from irondeficiency. Its most important benefit is that it provides the human body withiron which is a vital part of the production of red blood cells.

Ferroussulfate is also sometimes referred to as the iron sulfate and it is veryefficient in the treatment of medical conditions and diseases which can becaused by iron deficiency. The most common disease of them all is anemia. Iron deficiencycan also sometimes be affiliated with pregnancy, excess bleeding and numerous othertypes of health problems.

The human body gets iron from the daily diet and itgets absorbed and added to hemoglobin and myoglobin. Hemoglobin serves apurpose of carrying oxygen to all the different tissues and organs in the bodyby means of the circulatory system. Myoglobin serves the purpose of aiding themuscle cells and tissues in storing precious oxygen.

Ferrous sulfate is anessential mineral which often gets recommended by the doctor as a compensationfor the lack of iron in the body. Ferrous sulfate is usually taken in thesupplemental form and it provides all the organs, tissues and cells withprecious amounts of oxygen. Ferrous sulfate can be taken in the form of pills,capsules or as syrup.

The pills are usually taken before meals, with plainwater. It is not recommended to take ferrous sulfate pills with certain typesof medications such as antacids and antibiotics because it may trigger certainunwanted reactions. The tablets and capsules of ferrous sulfate should alwaysbe swallowed directly. The ferrous sulfate supplements in syrup need to beshaken before use.

One should always rely on proper diet in order to ingest properamounts of iron. The list of foods rich in iron includes green leafyvegetables, seafood, cabbage, chicken, asparagus, liver, broccoli, brown rice,kidney beans, pumpkin seeds, soybeans and lentils.

Ferrous Sulfate Side Effects

Ferrous sulfate may sometimes be affiliated with certainallergic reactions such as itching, swollen areas and skin rash. It can alsotrigger discoloration of the palms, lips and nails. Other side effects offerrous sulfate supplements may or may not include difficulty swallowing,painful sensations in the throat, dark stools, drowsiness, fatigue, abdominalpain, vomiting, nausea, indigestion, irregularities of the heart beat,seizures, stomach ache, pale skin and bloody stools.

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