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Air filter market is a big one because there are numerous different manufacturers competing on the market. In the last couple of years the demand for air filters has been on the continuous upward trend so that explains the expansion of many air filter manufacturers. People want to breathe fresh air as much as needed and quality air filters provide them with that option. Fresh air is of utmost importance for the continual existence of mankind, so it is impossible to stress enough how important it actually is. The best approach is to always choose products manufactured by reputable brand names because they are always associated with quality products, after sales services and overall customer support. New brands are not always that good of an option because they do not always stand up to the promise given at the introduction into the market.

Reputable Air Filter Makers

Among numerous different manufacturers of air filters on the market, the right choice may sometimes be a nightmare to find. One should always go for the ones which are the most popular among shoppers because they’ve been thoroughly tested and proven to be quality products. There are some manufacturers which are much more popular than others and those include Oreck, Hunter Air Filters, Air Bear, K&N and Honeywell. Oreck is an American company and it is known for its rather powerful line of air purifiers which capable of destroying all airborne irritants and regenerating the air. The filter is very efficient and it has a warning light which informs the user that the filter should be cleaned. The filter utilizes a purification process which contains five different stages. Those are pre-filter, positive charging wires, a collector, charcoal odor absorbers and an air-revitalizer.

Hunter Air Filters makes two different lines of products which are HEPAtech and QuietFlow. The first one uses a charcoal filter which needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Air Bear is known for producing both portable air cleaners and whole house air cleaners. It is also known for producing media cleaners, replacement filters and furnace filters. Their products also come in various different sizes. K&N is one of the oldest air filter manufacturers and it has been in business for several decades. It makes probably the best products known for their durability and long life. It has thousands of different products in its catalog so it can meet all specific needs and preferences. Honeywell is a company which dates back to 1885 and it is also one of the most reputable manufacturers when it comes to air filters.

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