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If you have been waging wars against your defiant hair, spending fortune on cosmetic products which should enable you to comb it your way, you are not the only one. Many people face this issue. In fact, believe it or not, even science has become aware of this hair problem about hundred of years ago. Ladies and gentlemen with hair combing difficulties, your phenomenon is named Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

Definition of Uncombable Hair Syndrome

This condition becomes noticeable somewhere between 3 months of age and 12 years of age. Namely, the fiber of the hair lacks the necessary flexibility to stay put once you comb it, refusing to stay close to the scalp. Rather, this defiant hair remains bristle and coarse, resembling straws which seem to grow vertically and stay so, regardless of your efforts.

Since this condition is closely related to the lack of keratin in your organism, this deficiency may be noticeable in your nails and tooth enamel too. Usually, people outgrow this hair phenomenon. Unfortunately, there are individuals which are destined to live with such chaotic hair style for the rest of their lives. Even though this problem does not go that far, in 1973, a German fairy tale depicted a boy who had uncombable hair syndrome combined with a degree of mental retardation. Thus, stereotypes and social pressure going hand-in-hand with UHS are quite self-explanatory.

Facts about Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Apart from being incredibly pestering and utterly uncontrollable, UHS is claimed to be genetically transferable. Basically, there are records of a girl, her brother and their father, all suffering from UHS. However, there are cases where the parents may carry the gene responsible for UHS, even when they themselves do not show the symptoms of this condition, being blessed with normal hair.

The main medical causes behind UHS are abnormal fibrous protein patterns, the triangular form of the hair shaft in the cross section and premature keratinization of the inner root sheath. Thus, this hair is very dry, curly and brittle, looking shimmery when exposed to light.

Fortunately, there is a universal cure for this condition. Its name is Biotin and it is a drug which contains vitamins of the B complex, allowing people with UHS to fight this condition and take control over their hair. Biotin can be delivered to your hair through injections, pills, shampoos and conditioners.

Thus, there is a successful treatment for your disobedient hair. So, make sure you get your necessary supplies of Biotin, transforming your hair into a healthy, obedient one.

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