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Night eating syndrome is, basically, a condition manifesting through continuous, repetitive binge eating, happening at night. People who are suffering from night eating syndrome cannot fight the urge for eating late at night. Rather, they indulge into their cravings and eat instead of being asleep. As for scientific explanations behind this condition, these are yet to be identified. Many experts connect this condition with insomnia. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case.

Reasons behind Night Eating Syndrome

Depression and anxiety may possibly trigger night eating syndrome. Also, people who suffer from this phenomenon tend to have lower levels of leptin and melatonin, being nocturnal hormones.

People suffering from this condition often skip their breakfasts and do not eat anything until their first meal of the day is due. Now, about 2% of the entire human population suffers from night eating syndrome, regardless of their sex. Sometimes, prolonged dieting, or simply boredom may trigger this repetitive nocturnal action in people.

Signs of Night Eating Syndrome

As the name of the syndrome may suggest, night eating syndrome basically manifests through frequent and repetitive visits to the fridge during the night. People who wake up in order to eat are not exactly hungry. Yet, they eat nevertheless, night after night. Depression and anxiety may strike before night eating syndrome begins appearing. Also, sleepwalking and skipping breakfasts are possible culprits.

Treatment for Night Eating Syndrome

Since this condition is often connected with depression or anxiety, Zoloft or Sertaline, a medication known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor can help. Sometimes, this condition can be dealt with by increasing the sufferer's melatonin levels.

Yet, until all these methods work, you are advised to, at least, eat healthy food during the night. If you cannot fight off the cravings, you can at least keep yourself healthy. Alternatively, you can pay your doctor a visit, complaining about the condition you are suffering from and seek treatment. Sometimes, certain chemicals and medications can prove to be quite effective for eradicating this syndrome.

One thing is for sure - if you suffer from night eating syndrome, you have a problem which needs to be solved. Thus, regardless whether you need a medication therapy or some other forms of treatment, like gastric bypass, you need to react and seek medical assistance timely, preventing the syndrome from getting worse. Healthy eating is the key to a healthy life. So, do your best to eat healthy and normally.

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