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Do you remember the dating site Beautiful People's announcement that they would set up an online donor site for "beautiful people"? I was quite outraged when they came out with that news, but everyone who has ever looked up "sperm donor" on Google knows that there are tons of websites where potential sperm donors and those who need their services hook up. The United Kingdom's fertility watchdog, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) is concerned about the health of women using online sperm donors, and wants to look at the legality of such sites. The HFEA said that it will start scrutinizing the many websites where wannabe sperm donors and couples or single women who have a need for donor sperm to get pregnant.

The reasons are obvious to many websites that offer sperm donor matching services, often on a forum-like basis without the involvement of the website owners do not vet sperm donor for health, and could be endangering families that take up donors' offers to deliver sperm for artificial insemination, or even "natural" insemination. Besides that, the online method of acquiring a sperm donor can lead to legal issues and custody battles, something that could never happen to those using a sperm bank. Let's not even talk about the possibility of ending up with a real psychopath for a donor, like the one out of the story here Dutch neo-nazi sperm donor wanted "white Aryan children".

According to the fertility watchdog, many of these websites could potentially be breaking the law, by offering illegal Procurement of sperm. The HFEA is making this move after two businessmen faced court, and may be sentenced to prison, for running a "sperm delivery service" out of their basement. The owners of this service, which they called Fertility 1st, picked up fresh sperm from donors and delivered it to families for insemination. They made hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process. I wonder how many people ended up with HIV? What do you think of this scrutiny? Are women using sperm donors that were not vetted taking knowing risks, that the government should not involve itself in? Are websites that offer sperm donor match making just hosting private discussions, like with a dating service? Or are these dealings unacceptable? We'd love to get your opinions.

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