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The already controversial dating site for, as the name suggests, beautiful people only, is launching a fertility introduction forum where infertile and lesbian couples, and single women, can find a sperm donor. A beautiful sperm donor. Because you don't want to have an ugly baby, do you? This reminds me of a comment I have seen floating around on websites for single mothers by choice. The comment pops up on forums and blogs every once in a while, and goes something like: "Let me know if you want any information about the donor I used".

My son has blond hair and blue eyes. I would have called it a cute baby. I have wondered what purpose that comment serves on many occasions, every time I see it, in fact. Is it a wannabe sperm donor with blond hair and blue eyes, posing as a single mother by choice wanting to share her excellent sperm ? Is it some kind of sick spam? Is someone getting a kick out of posting messages like that on the internet? We will never know. Unfortunately, might soon be roaming the web with offers of beautiful sperm donors to just about anyone who wants to conceive in much the same fashion. I've already seen the website's representatives saying that fatties (their word, not mine!) get kicked off the site, because if there are ugly people around, their traffic would go down.

Isn't beauty subjective, anyway? Who gets to decide what is beautiful or not? If someone picks a BeautifulDonor, only to end up with an ugly baby, does she get a refund? Or should the baby be given away for adoption, because after all, she only wanted a beautiful baby? I get it US society is largely driven by looks. Those who are seen as beautiful get the nice jobs, the nice partners, and the nice friends. That is the idea, anyway. But the owners of this site, who add cautiously that they will even offer the same services to what they call non-beautiful people, really offend me. We shouldn't be selfish with our attractive gene pool, managing director of the site Greg Hodge reportedly said. How gracious of him. What do you think?

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