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At the moment of writing this article, there are just 26 sperm donors in Scotland. In 2009, 13 men registered as sperm donors across all Scottish fertility centers. In UK, The National Gamete Donation Trust wants to increase the number of new donors in the UK to about 500, from its latest figure of 384. The opinion of many experts is that the legislation that prevents anonymous sperm donation is the main reason that puts many males off. This is the reason Spire Shawfair from Edinburgh is launching a campaign to make more men in Scotland donate sperm to help infertile couples complete their dream of having a bigger family.

Increased number of sperm donors would be a life changing tactic for many infertile couples. A lot of couples has problems with male fertility, either due to sperm motility, sperm count or sperm quality and that special person that would donate his healthy sperm would make the dream of having a bigger family for that specific couple come true. Fertility specialists claim they are not only short of sperm donors, but also egg donors. And they are well aware that this is having a real effect on patients who need donor treatment. This is the reason many couples are forced to consider options such as traveling abroad to access treatment. The standard of care abroad is high but the fact is that most of the patients would prefer to be treated in Scotland, but because of sperm of egg shortage they are forced to travel abroad to get the treatment.

Because of some low numbers, the Midlothian IVF clinic has begun a campaign to encourage more men to become sperm donors. The staff at the clinic says they are positive about and ready to persuade males to help others to complete their families. Staff of the clinic says the donors always find the process very rewarding when they realize they have contributed to the family s happiness. Additionally sport players and fans are being targeted in a campaign to get more sperm donors to help couples struggling to conceive. Leaflets and posters were sent to 30 sports clubs and venues in the pilot area of Greater Manchester. The posters pose the question "Sperm donation - have you got the balls?" I think that is a good question!

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