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Are you British or do you live in the UK, and are you looking into fertility treatments? While you are researching what fertility clinic would be the best match for you, the success rates of the clinics that you are looking into are a factor that will certainly play a large role in the decision-making process. We would all feel better being treated by a fertility clinic that has high success rates but probably not unrealistically high ones because that shows that your chosen clinic is staffed by competent professionals, and that you are fairly likely to end up with a baby at the end of the journey. But just where can you find reliable information about the success rates of fertility clinics in the United Kingdom?

Before jumping to the conclusion that the success rate for any given fertility treatment is all you need to know about a clinic, we should stop and take into account what factors could influence the numbers of people who ended up with babies after being treated by a particular clinic. Remember that some clinics specialize in treating older patients, or those with specific complications which make success less likely. Other fertility clinics might assist more single women or lesbian couples get pregnant, to name an example, and have higher success rates because the patients they see are not actually infertile. Because of these subjective factors, judging your clinic by more than just its success rates is quite important. Of course, fertility clinics themselves are likely to present their success rates to you.

But I think that official government sources of information tend to be more reliable than private sources, especially if there is a vested interest in looking as competent as possible. Therefore, if you are interested in checking out what the success rates of a clinic you are considering being treated at are, I recommend you contact the HFEA, the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority. The HFEA is Britain's fertility watchdog an official part of the UK government and they keep track of the success rates of all fertility clinics on British soil.

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