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How do you choose an egg donor? Couples who are struggling with infertility and have been informed that they will need egg donation in order to get pregnant and become parents might imagine shopping around for an egg donor based on their physical traits and health. But there are many ways to find an egg donor. How do you know which way is right for you?

Known donors can be a friend, sister, or other relative. This type of egg donor would be one you think of yourself, and then proceed to ask whether she would be willing to donate eggs to you, including going through the procedure to make it happen. Before you choose a known donor, please consider how the future child and the relationship between you and that person would be affected. Anonymous egg donors can be found through egg donation programs. There are many egg donation programs, so we would urge you to take your time to find one that really suits your needs. If you use an anonymous egg donation program, you will have access to basic details about the donor's physical appearance, medical history, and education but you will not know their name. It is similar to using an anonymous sperm donor from a sperm bank in many ways. The advantage is that donors will have been vetted for genetic diseases. Semi-anonymous egg donation could be the name given to the process of selecting an egg donor through an online database, online adverts, or offline adverts in newspapers and other sources. This may be a commercial process. Check your countries laws before proceeding, and make sure the donor's health status is known. International egg donation through fertility clinics in countries like Russia (see egg donation in Russia), the Ukraine and India is increasingly popular. This is often coupled with IVF tourism in the country in question.

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