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Do you remember the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority, the United Kingdom's fertility watchdog? The agency is now starting a survey of fertility patients to collect as much information as possible. This survey will cover patients experiences with fertility treatments, and the opinions of those considering treatment. Thousands of couples undergo fertility treatment every year in the United Kingdom, and although their opinions and experiences are of paramount importance, this will be the first time a similar survey has been carried out.

Titled "Fertility have your say", the survey is ground-breaking in many ways and will hopefully improve the patient experience of those having IVF, IUI, or any other fertility treatment. The HFEA aims to provide a representative sample of the UK population, and is going to group the survey respondents according to age, gender, geographical location, and ethnicity. Every participant will be able to give their views, and describe how they experienced the care they received to date, and what their expectations are. The outcome of the survey is expected to impact the way fertility treatments are handled in the United Kingdom, and will hopefully create a more patient-friendly experience.

When it comes to fertility treatments, the patient is certainly at the heart of it all. Fertility treatments are stressful enough, and healthcare providers dedicated to making the experience as easy on the patient as humanly possible will definitely make a big difference. As infertility becomes a growing problem in the United Kingdom as well as the rest of the world, fertility treatments will become more common. I think a government-organized survey such as this one will mean a lot to people thinking about fertility treatment, and those already in the process. What do you think about this new survey? Do you think that it will make a big difference for patients? What do you think about organizing a similar survey in the United States? We'd love to hear your opinions on the subject, and we also welcome comments about the way you experienced your fertility treatment!

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