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Family planning is very important for those coupleswho do not want children either due to the fact that they have just married or they already have ones. Furthermore, many couples are more interested intheir careers than in enlarging the family, or simply the high cost of livingprevents them from having children. For all these couple, as well for many othercouples who do not want children due to some other reason, family planning methods arevery important. Family planning methods can be natural orartificial.

Natural family planning methods

In the majority of cases, the people who opt fornatural family planning methods are not able to take contraceptives because ofcertain health conditions. The two natural family planning methods are abstinenceand withdrawal. When the couple does not want to conceive pregnancybut does not take any artificial contraceptive, abstinence of the sexualintercourse during the fertile days of the woman is one way of natural family planning. The woman shouldtrack her menstrual cycle and the period of ovulation when the chances to getpregnant are the highest. Another natural family planning method is withdrawalof the penis from the vagina before ejaculation when the couple is having sex. Thisnatural family planning method is not very effective since the fluid that is secretedbefore ejaculation also contains sperm.

Artificial family planning methods

Artificial family planning methods include the use of condoms and contraceptivepills, as well as intrauterine devices and sterilization. Men usually use condoms as aprotection from unwanted pregnancy. Furthermore, condoms also protects fromsexually transmitted diseases. Nowadays, there are also female condoms on themarket. The condoms serve as the barrier for the sperm to enter into the vagina.

Women usually take oral contraceptivepills in order to prevent conceiving pregnancy. The birth control pills preventthe development of the egg and assist in thickening of the cervical mucus inthe uterus so that the sperm cannot reach the egg. There are also emergency contraceptivepills that can reduce the possibility of getting pregnant when they are usedafter the unsafe sex. The most popular and widely usedfemale contraceptive method is intrauterine device, which is inserted into theuterus of a woman in order to prevent the sperm to enter into the inner vagina. Sterilization is an artificial familyplanning method recommended to those who certainly do not want to havechildren. Vasectomy is sterilizing procedure in men, while in women; it is tuballigation or tubectomy.

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