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Nebulizers are devices that allow respiratory medications to get inside the lungs. As such, they are necessary for people who suffer from certain respiratory problems and diseases, such as asthma.

A nebulizer is a device that turns liquid medication into fine mist that can be inhaled. It is a fast and easy way to administer a drug when an asthma attack occurs. They are very helpful for both children and adults who suffer from asthma or similar respiratory diseases.

There are several types of nebulizers available and doctors recommend them basing on the particular patient’s needs.

Blow method nebulizer

This nebulizer device turns liquid medication into mist that is blown with a vent tube. It is supposed to be held close to the mouth, because that way it works better. When blow method nebulizer is used, it helps to take slow and deep breaths so the medicine can flow normally all the way through the lungs. In addition, slow breathing allows the body to absorb larger portion of the medicine.

Portable nebulizer

A portable nebulizer allows complete freedom as it can be used anywhere, not only inside the house. It is small and light and can easily be carried around in the pocket, backpack or purse, which is important because there is no knowing where and when an asthma attack will occur. These practical nebulizers should be kept in excellent condition so they can provide best results in alleviating an asthma attach.

Mask nebulizer method

A mask nebulizer is one of the best solutions for infants and toddlers with respiratory problems. Children are active and restless and it can be hard to keep them in one place so they can receive the medication. Mask nebulizers today come in bright colors and funny shapes so they are more appealing to the kids.

Nebulizer medications

As for the medications used in nebulizers, there are several types of them. Mast cell stabilizers reduce the hypersensitivity in the airways. Their side effects include runny nose, sore throat and strange taste in mouth. Anticholinergics are the most effective drugs that open the blocked airways and long acting bronchodilators or long acting beta agonists prevent moderate and severe attacks and reduce the chance of asthma attacks during the night.

When using nebulizers, it is very important to keep them in good shape and to control their function regularly. It is also vital to always refill them when they are empty, because if an asthma attack occurs and there is no medication, the outcome can be fatal.

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