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It is troublesome enough to get through the day even when you are hale and hearty, let alone when you are suffering from some disease, infection or illness. One of the conditions that can certainly make your day a living hell, to say the least, is stomach pain and conditions directly resulting from it. The first step to self-treatment is of course discovering the primary origin of your ailment, since, unless you are positive about the cause, you can not really treat it or even start with a therapy. The most common indicator is the tension present in the lower abdominal and intestinal region, as well as the occurrence of a burning sensation inside your stomach. Once you managed to localise your pain and determine that it is stomach related, you can safely begin with the treatment.

First and topmost is to stay well hydrated at all times, meaning that you must drink water on a daily basis, it does not matter whether you enjoy it or not. It is simply a must, and the main reason for this is the fact that dehydration is one of the common culprits when it comes to stomach ache, intestinal tension and constipation. Recommendation: An 7-8 glasses of water daily should do the work just fine. Another cause, of completely different nature, is exhibited in the form of hunger, but also in the case you have eaten something which your stomach does not approve of. The hunger issue can be fairly easy solved – take for e.g. some crackers to drive the hunger away. They will also be quite beneficial in dealing with the bacteria present in the stomach.

Other factors

More and more it is revealed that stress plays a significant factor in our every day lives, by influencing them to such a great extent. Unfortunately, none of such influences is positive. The same goes for the relation of stress and the stomach. Therefore it is crucial to find time for yourself and time for relaxation. Take your time, and give your body a chance to relax and recuperate after a long day’s work and strain. This will be beneficial for your stomach as well, since it will enable it to relax from all the tension and pressure it endured in the course of the day.

Diet is, of course, one of the probably most important aspects of not only leading a healthy life but also keeping your stomach hale and hearty. The best way to manage this is by making your every day diet high in fibers. But all this is futile, if you do not say NO to the things that harm your body and your health. What is meant by this is that you should lay off pain relievers, since they can irritate your stomach. Among the things to get rid of are also caffeine, spicy food and the one that upsets your stomach to a great extent.

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