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Tubal Reversal Surgery - Overview

Tubal ligation reversal surgery is a surgical procedure with one goal, to restore the function of fallopian tubes which have been blocked by previous surgery known as sterilization. This type of surgery is usually performed after a change of the partners and once the operated woman has decided to try to become pregnant again.

Tubal reversal surgery is best performed if microsurgical techniques are used. This way by using a microscope the surgeon has excellent insight in the operated area and all vital structures. Microsurgical techniques include thin suture materials and the smallest incision lines. There are specially designed instruments and the surgeon uses non-traumatic tissue handling techniques.

It is essential for the surgery to be successful once it has been performed since repeated procedure basically does not provide with desirable results. Prior the surgery is significant to estimate whether the patient is most suitable candidate and what to expect out of surgery. Many women have lots of questions related to this specific surgery, which is normal, and they are supposed to be fully informed about everything related to the very procedure, its risks and outcomes.What Happens After Tubal Reversal SurgeryThis is an elective surgical procedure meaning it is not obligatory and necessary to be performed in order to save person's life or improve the quality of life. Still, it has one purpose, to restore the lost function of fallopian tubes.

Many women wonder when they can get back to their usual activities. Well, when it comes to tubal reversal surgery a woman may be able to get back to work within 5 to 10 days after the surgery. Some women even undergo tubal reversal surgery on Friday and choose to return to their work on Monday. But this is recommendable only for women who are engaged in desk jobs. In case a woman is much more active it is advisable for her to recover properly and then turn to regular daily activities. It is essential not to lift heavy objects for at least one month after the surgery.

Women also wonder when they can return to exercises and sports activities. As it has already been mentioned if a physical activity, in this exercises, includes lifting heavy objects then the restriction lasts approximately a month. If lifting includes objects heavier than 15 pounds limitation includes more time. A woman may continue riding a bicycle three months after the surgery. But in all cases they must be careful and not force themselves too much.

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