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The Notorious Pill Swallowing Issue

There are individuals among us who simply cannot or do not want to swallow pills. It may be because of the shape, or the taste of these medications as well as other factors. However, some medications need to be taken nonetheless. For these purposes, flavored medications were introduced, making it easier for one to ingest them. Yet, this only works for some. Luckily, as our scientific advancement is constantly progressing, introducing something new, we now have vitamins which can be inhaled. This breakthrough enables only vitamin inhalation for the time being. Still, it will help many people who are otherwise incapable of getting these vital parts of our nutrition.

Breathe Vitamins in

This miraculous device resembles a small pipe, with the exception that, instead of smoke, you are inhaling a special powder made of vitamins. The creator of this device has had similar breakthroughs before. He invented the chocolate, the insulin and coffee inhalators. Now, the vitamin inhalator where the vitamins bypass your digestive system and go directly to your respiratory channels, being applied more quickly and effectively. Basically, all you need is eight inhalation sequences in order to satisfy your body's daily need for vitamins.

Usage of this “pipe” is quite simple, even though it takes a bit of practice to make it perfect. What you are supposed to do is breathe slowly and carefully, disallowing the contents to get stuck to the back of your throat, since then you can choke and cough the vitamins out. So, take it slowly and gently during the inhalation procedure in order to benefit from this method completely.

The vitamins come in different combination, tastes and smells. These vitamins are not very cheap. However, all the funds from selling them go to financing further research in the field, thereby making it worth your while.

Alternative Methods

If you are not interested in breathing your medications, perhaps the following tips might come in handy.

Before taking pills, you might practice with smaller and larger candy, trying to swallow it whole. Alternatively, drinking a glass of water before drinking the pill can be useful too, since it makes your throat moist and, therefore, less irritable. Once you place the pill in your mouth, make sure it is turned in the direction of your throat, not sideways, and put it on the tip of your tongue or in the center, wherever you feel more comfortable with it. Also, you might chew the pill before swallowing, use a straw for drinking water, making it easier for the pill to go down or try to drink it with a soda or a glass of carbonated water since these might work better for you.

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