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Blisters in throat are not that uncommon medical issue but it still occurs in some people. A person who suffers from blisters in throat will have a sore throat and if that is the case even swallowing food will become a huge problem due to all the pain it will cause.

Blisters in throat

Almost every person in the world knows that blisters are small lumps filled with fluid. Blisters are known to appear o the upper most layer of the skin, but that is not always the case. However, in some cases they occur inside the body, especially in the throat. In most cases of blisters in throat they are connected with some viral infection. Apart from the infection, a person who is overly exposed to dust or some other air pollutant is highly likely to irritate the throat and even experience itchiness. If that happens it is not uncommon for the blisters to occur as well. Causes of blisters in throat

In a majority of cases of blisters in throat, the cause is an infection. People need to know that no matter the cause, the throat will feel painful and itchy when the blisters occur. People should also know that infections are not the only cause of blisters in throat.

Sore throat is a common cause of blisters in throat. A person’s throat will become inflamed if it is sore and that causes problems with swallowing food. Sore throat is caused by a viral infection and in case of a certain infection known as coxsackie, blisters usually form in the throat.

Oral herpes in also known to cause blisters in throat. It is normal for this virus to cause blisters on lips but in some cases they are also seen on the tongue and in throat. It is not uncommon for the blisters to burst and cause sores.

Apart from these two infections, chicken pox can also be the cause of blisters in throat.

Treatment for blisters in throat

A proper diagnosis is essential in case of blisters in throat. In almost all cases, people are given anti-viral medications because they will provide instant relief. There are various medications that a person can receive like pain killers. They are good for relieving the pain in throat. It is mainly the ibuprofen and acetaminophen that are being prescribed.

People should also know that there are natural ways to relieve the pain caused by blisters in throat. Having a cup of tea, soup or even warm water helps a lot. Staying indoors and resting a lot is important.

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