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Tongue blisters

There are a lot of people who suffer from fever blisters and the problem is considered to be a common one. In most cases of fever blisters, they occur on the lips, mouth or face. However, in some cases they occur inside the mouth, on the tongue and even inside the nose. Just like all the other types of blisters, tongue blister are known to cause a lot of pain. A person who suffers from tongue blisters will experience a lot of pain and even talking and eating will become difficult. Every person can be affected by tongue blisters but they mainly occur in teenagers and young adults. According to the experts, tongue blisters will go away on their own after a week. However, people should not wait and should treat the problem as soon as it occurs in order to avoid some complications.

Causes of tongue blisters

People need to know that there is no one type of tongue blisters and therefore there is no one cause that leads to the occurrence of tongue blisters. However, in almost all cases of tongue blisters the main reason why the outbreak occurred is because a person is lacking vitamin B. Apart from the deficiency of the vitamin, the blisters may occur due to a certain virus called herpes simplex virus 1. Canker sores are also known to be the cause of tongue blisters in some cases but people should not mix canker sores and fever blisters because they are not the same, even though they both have the same cause. If a person sees that the blisters on the tongue are white in color, then the chances are great that the cause is a certain fungal infection known as candiasis. A person can also get tongue blisters if the bacterial infection spreads from the gums. Cure for tongue blisters

There are some things that people can do in order to reduce inflammation and pain and provide at least some comfort. A lot of people prefer applying ice in this situation. The ice should be applied directly on the blisters. Saline water is an excellent remedy as well. A person can either gargle it or simply wash the mouth with it. Salt is good because it will kill the bacteria. Turmeric powder is just as good and people should mix half a teaspoon of the powder with a glass of milk. Sipping small quantities of warm water and rolling it all over the mouth is known to reduce the swelling. A person should introduce more foods that are rich in vitamin B when he or she suffers from tongue blisters.

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