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Leg Cramps

In the following text, we will focus on the problem of leg cramps and the waysof eliminating this problem. Nobody likes experiencing pain, so this text willhelp you. We have all experienced this problem, especially in the morninghours. Sometimes when we wake up, the pain in the leg can be very serious anddiscomforting. The pain can subside when walking for a while.Some may visit a doctor because of this pain, but this usually ends without anyproblems detected. Leg cramp is a pain felt in the leg muscle and a calf muscle is alocation where it usually originates. The pain in the calf muscles, foundbelow and behind the knee, is caused by the muscle spasm that became toocontracted.

The duration of leg cramps can be diverse. While some may lastfor several seconds, others last for several minutes and they are usuallyexperienced during the night time. This problem usually affects older people, but younger people can also beaffected. Some numbers state that every second person over the 60 years of age experiencesthis problem, while every third person over 60 suffers from leg cramps.Sometimes the problem of leg cramps can last for several weeks. This doesnot mean that pain lasts for this period.

Causes and Prevention

There are some causes of this problem and the most common are potassium leveldecrease, alcohol consumption, neuromuscular disorders, longer sitting in thesame position, diabetes, electrolyte imbalance, medications, excess weight,heavy exercise, muscle tiredness and dehydration.

There are some ways of preventing the leg cramps from happening. You caninclude stretching, especially after the workout in the gym. Try to avoid doingmore strenuous exercises before going to bed. Also, when working out, build upthe routine gradually and avoid sudden increases. Water intake is important, so tryto consume no less than three glasses of water during the day. Other fluidsshould be included, especially after the workout. Another way of preventing theproblem is incorporating enough potassium in your eating habits.


If the problem occurs, you can eliminate the pain. You should try massagingthe muscle. Also, stretch the leg while moving the foot in the direction of theknee. Taking a warm bath is also a effective way of eliminating the problem. Insome cases, the tenderness of the muscles can last for even 24 hours. If this happens, there are several medications you can use. But in most cases, massage is themost effective way of eliminating the problem.Still, if the problem becomes persistent, seek medical attention. The doctor willprobably do a blood test in order to check the levels of electrolytes andpotassium and find the cause.

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