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The leg cramps can be the difficult to treat, especially because this condition can be very diverse, which means that many diverse treatments are possible. Contraction of the leg is responsible for the creation of this problem. This contraction is, of course, involuntary. The problem may include just one muscle, but some cases show that even a group of muscles can have problems. The diversity continues with the experienced pain. Some people will experience only slight pain and some will have problems with standing. Pain can be strong enough to make a person immobile and afraid to stand up. The most affected areas of the body include quadriceps, hamstring and calf muscles. Remember that although this condition is usually seen among the older population, the number of leg cramp patients among the younger generation is increasing.

When talking about the problems that a person suffering from a leg cramp may experience, we have stated that symptoms can be very different. Difference in pain has already been stated, and the other symptoms are sore spots and tenderness emotion experienced on the affected location. The reason for their creation is difficult to grasp. Some studies state that weight is one of the factors. Try not to lean on your foot for too long. Diseases of the nerves and muscles can produce leg cramps, along with certain medications. Other causes include weak blood flow, fatigue of the muscles, hormones, dehydration and electrolyte.


Now it's time to move on to the treatment. There are several home remedies you can use for leg cramps. Firstly, you will need to put ice on the affected location. To remove the cramp, you can stretch the leg and move toes toward the head. This is usually very effective method. Try performing some exercises and massages. This will help the muscles to relax and decrease the pain. Also, include a lot of calcium and potassium in your nutrition. One of the causes is dehydration, so if you experience leg cramps, try to drink as much fluid as possible. When you want to work out, always try to stretch first, and then gradually increase the intensity of the exercises. Another available method is acupressure. You will need to apply pressure on the spot, for 30 seconds. This needs to be repeated as many times as needed. You can also contract muscles which stand opposite the cramped muscles. It is very important to relax and lose up the muscles. Also we have stated that the muscle needs to be stretched. To do this, sit on the floor, stretch the leg, fold the toes, and move as closer to the knee as possible.

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